Your Turn

I love Jazz because there are rules to follow yet freedom to take your turn and do your own thing. So, here’s how this works. You may use any of this material; just say where you got it so that others will be proud of your humility. Then, if you want to tweak it to fit “your turn”(for small group, for family devotions, for Sunday school), then do so and play your part with all your heart.

Stop by now and then to see more of “Your Turn.” I’ll be adding more all the time to equip you for your own teaching. Thanks

Joel Osteen Harmful if Swallowed

8 Tips for Talking to Kids about the Sermon

A John Calvin Quiz for Teens

A Martin Bucer Quiz for Teens

A Model of Compassion for Grace Community Church

A Model of Sending and Going for Grace Community Church

Psalm 51 is for All of God’s People

The Life of a God Made Man

Learning to Cut it Straight

Growing Up in Grace

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

Loving Others More Than Your Rights

Persevering in Suffering by Being an Ox

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