She’s Married!


An outdoor country wedding, walking my daughter Anna to her soon-to-be husband Matthew.


Grandpa Truman will pronounce them Husband and Wife.


That was quick! But now begins a long life of living out a one-flesh union. May Christ be Praised.


Simple Elegance. Wondrous Mystery. Christ and the Church.


Now that’s a country wedding dessert table, with real moss from WV to boot. Thanks to so many friends who made this possible – and thanks Cheryl for making the wedding cake.


It’s all good.


She’s so beautiful! Anna’s kind of cute too.


Our grandson Joseph is so happy that it’s over – and so are we. Whew!

Thank You Lord for My Parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary


Buddy Truman and Drema Hall were married on May 11, 1963, at the Summersville Baptist Church by Rev. Bruce Cooper, just a few blocks away from where they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family and long-time friends.

Grace explains it all. We can no more last 5 minutes together than 500 years if it were not for the grace of God. Put two monkeys in the same room together with one banana and what you have is not the invention of selfishness but the unleashing of it deep from within the heart – it was already there. It takes the grace of God to live your life for another person and to say, “You may have the banana – it is my joy to see you happy.” Not that marriage is a platform for taking advantage of the others’ generosity and selfless-ness, but that at the root of 50 years is a resolve to live your life for the other and basically set aside yourself – in fact, forget yourself, lose your life that you may keep it. That’s what Jesus said: “If you keep your life you will lose it. But if you lose it for may sake, and the gospel, you will find it.”

I think this is what my mom and dad have been doing by the grace of God. Losing their lives that they may keep them. No, not perfectly – but that’s the beauty of grace that is honored and not cheapened by negligence. Grace is mercy for those who cannot by their own strength and will-power do what is commanded of them – “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Thank you Lord for giving my parents the steadfast love for which they have guarded their marriage all these years.

I love you both very much – Congratulations! And may the Lord see fit to give you many more years together.