“It’s Designed to Be Absurd”

I think this is a very good explanation of the absurdity that has invaded the public square. Doug Wilson makes several keen observations and viewpoints that are helpful in trying to understand what is at stake and how the church needs to prepare for what is coming. Political Correctness and the Cancel Culture are having a negative impact upon the church. He councils the church to figure out what hill you’re going to die on and get ready. At about the 10:25 mark pastor Wilson defends his postmillennial position, of which I do not hold; his illustrations would fit nicely in a premillennial position just as well. Nonetheless, I found this interview insightful and thoughtful.

How Does God’s Providence Cause You To Persevere?

John Piper recently published his life long book, “Providence.” I say life long because in the beginning of the interview posted here he describes God’s Providence as the back-drop and foundation of all that he has ever done.

I encourage you to watch the entire interview – almost an hour and half. But the final clip that begins at 1:15:17 where Joy Rigney asks John about the connection between holding fast to God’s Providence as a means to keep on being a Christian is my favorite. Why? Because this is how I feel and think about my own life. The only way that I have any confidence of waking up tomorrow morning and still desire to follow Christ is because of God’s Providence. May you also lean heavily upon the Providence of God to keep you until breakfast is served in the new heavens and new earth!

Jordan Peterson collides with the Foolishness of God

When I watch this my heart is filled with awe and joy that the “foolishness” of God is greater than the wisdom of man (1 Corinthians 1:18-31). My prayer for those who have been given an exceptionally contemplative mind about the world we live in and the condition of humanity, may fall down and joyfully bow to the unsearchable riches of Christ, that is . . . may your mind and heart be filled and overwhelmed that the one who made you sent his son to rescue you – from you, from the idolatry of yourself.

I enjoy and profit from the language of psychology, philosophy, and theology. If you would like to engage in a personal discussion with me regarding Dr. Peterson’s words, I would deeply enjoy the time with you. Email me at gccyorkville@sbcglobal.net., or respond directly to this post.

May the Lord who was raised be your treasure!