A Little Bear Humor for Monday Morning

Once upon a time there were three bears who lived together: Papa bear, Moma bear, and Baby bear.

Papa bear and Moma bear fought all the time. It got so bad that they decided to get a divorce. As the family stood before the judge another fight broke out between Papa bear and Moma bear – but this time it was mostly over who would get custody of Baby bear. Finally, the judge had enough and stopped the proceedings. He asked, “Baby bear, do you want to live with your Moma?” Baby bear replied, “No sir, she beats me from time to time – I don’t want to live with her.” “Well then, do you want to live with your Papa,” asked the judge. Baby sternly said, “Oh no . . . he’s worse than my Moma – he’s beats me all the time.” The judge all flummoxed spoke up, “Well who do you want to live with then?” Baby bear happily said, “I want to live with the Chicago Bears – they don’t beat anyone!”

Dec. 22, 2013: Chicago Bears – 11. Philadelphia Eagles 54.