The Devil is a Vampire in Reverse

The Cross of Christ is still the most polarizing event in history. The assassination of President JFK, the death of Elvis, Miss Monroe, – you name the death of a public figure and compare it to Christ, you will be back-pedaling until chain falls off. There is no death so loved and yet so hated/scoffed/mocked/met with indifference by so many diverse people all over the world for such a long period of world history that it necessarily begs the question: What kind of death is this?

And he spread his nerves-on-fire hands, nailed to a cross of wood and said, “This kind.” It’s rare. It’s vicious. It’s the most gotcha kind-of-love that the world has ever seen or ever will. Literally, “the Satan” thought he had won. The dragon, the beast that was filled with wild jealous rage stupidly sank his fangs into Christ – like a Vampire from hell, the devil bit – and thought that he had taken the very life of the Son of God. But as Peter Kreeft wrote,

“Life conquered Death not by power but by love. The Little Lamb defeated the Great Beast by using His secret weapon: His blood, His love. He let the Beast drink His blood, like a reverse Dracula” – (The Philosophy of Jesus, 23).

The devil is a vampire in reverse because when he went after Christ, he lost. Christ’s blood-shedding would not end Jesus, but Satan. All vampires gain strength, longevity, and power by drinking the blood of their victims. But Jesus was no victim. And he was no patsy-meal for the devil, either. What Satan thought would be his victory it was the exact opposite. It was his eternal undoing. And that means all those who are in Christ will not, cannot be finally and ultimately defeated. All the little bites that we Christians endure from here to eternity are just that – empty, poison-less bites that have no power, other than to further the future humiliation of Satan and all those aligned with him. Christ has won – and he did it by letting the devil bite him. No one could have ever written such fiction. For nearly two thousand years now the world is still fascinated with Jesus. He could not have been invented as a fairly-tale and caused a tsunami of followers to also lay down their lives, and again, expose the wicked of the earth as demons in reverse – defeated by their own hate. It must be true. Jesus is real. Jesus won by dying.