Thank you, Grace Community Church


At the right of my father’s body was this display provided by my church family; I thank the Lord for the prayers and acts of love that we have received – I am so blessed to have such a loving church who weeps with those who weep. Below is the clipping from the newspaper’s obituary section. My dad and I used to pick at each other over who has the correct time, since WV is Eastern and IL is Central. I would call dad up and ask, “When does WVU play today?” He’d respond, “My time”, never acknowledging that I lived in the correct time zone. You will notice that the obit refers to my dad’s time of death as “Monday, August 22.” Early, that Monday morning mom told me that dad had died at 12:06 am. When I got off the phone with mom I grinned and said to myself, “Ha – he died on my time: 11:06 pm Sunday, on the Lord’s Day – that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Besides, he can’t argue with me about it anymore.”

But . . . what is time when you are eternally with the Lord?!

I love you dad.


The Witness of Baptism

Tim, Jessie, Emily Sara Provide Baptism Music 0002Ivan & Rich Baptize John, Greg & Adrian 0014

This past Sunday after worship three men (from Wayside Cross Ministries in Aurora, IL.) publicly confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior with baptism (the center three men from the left: Adrian, John, and Greg – Rich Degroat and myself on the outside who baptized them). In front of their new church family, Grace Community Church, they acknowledged their need and desire for their sins to be forgiven (Acts 2:38), their old man in sin put to death, and to have a new life in Christ (Rom. 6:1-11). They submitted themselves publicly to the Eldership of a local church (Heb. 13:17), becoming united to a visible body of believers in Christ (Acts 2:41, 20:28). Baptism is not their salvation but is evidence of it (Matt. 28:19-20). And now? A life of discipleship that lives out what baptism professes – death to sin and life to God in and through Christ! To Him be all the glory for all the great things He has done.

It was a great day!