When I look at the world, I question God’s goodness.

How could you? How can you? With all that is happening in our world, God, I question your goodness. I look around near and far, people I know and people I don’t know . . . I see, listen, think . . . and with what I observe, I have reservations over your goodness. Specifically,

How can you continue to give good health to people who abuse their bodies and never once give you thanks for the life that you have given? How can you provide the privilege of employment while so many lie, steal, and defraud their employer? How can you bless the human race with the pleasure of sex in the safety of marriage union between a man and a woman, while the world disgraces that very sacred gift? How can you possibly continue to give men and women sound minds to invent, create, discover, produce, and engineer incredible feats of excellence, while they continue to use them to destroy, manipulate, and do harm to their fellow-man? I don’t understand your goodness!

Actors and actresses take your name in vain, over and over and over again in their movies, using “Jesus Christ” as an explicative, and yet you give them more success? You give athletes of every kind, accolades and sponsorships, while they pomp and circumstance themselves to the top, never once acknowledging where their strength comes from? There are more millionaires than ever – you make men wealthy – and what do they do? . . . they never give you thanks! And what’s more, they find new ways to oppress and steal. You exalt men to high offices in the land, knowing full-well their unspeakable secrets. You give women beautiful bodies, knowing full-well their sexsational plans. You give and give and give and the world grows further and further away from you, sinking down into pride and violence. God . . .  I question your goodness.

It would seem that there is no one more generous, more merciful, and more patient than you. I mean, if anyone treated me the way the world is treating you, I would smoke them in a heartbeat. I question your goodness.

I look and listen to the world’s increase in pride, love of money, selfishness, hatred, manipulation . . . and what do you do? You again give good things the very next day. I am witnessing this all around me: more and more people that you made for your own glory are giving you less and less credit for what they have. AND STILL . . . I just can’t believe it . . . you pour out more and more pleasures of living this life. How could you? How can you continue this? How long, O Lord will you be so merciful and so kind to a world that is so ungrateful? I’m speechless: In the face of so much evil, I question your goodness. And to beat it all, you sent your own Son knowing full well how we would treat him. Your goodness is shameless.

We don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this.