The best antidote to Potty-Mouth Trump: Worship the Lord Tomorrow!

We’ll sing this tomorrow in worship! Based on Isaiah 6, this song gives our hearts a voice to express humility and wonder for who Christ is – what he has done – and the great mercy that he has shown us. It’s a psalm-like meditation, moving gently and slowly so that we may come quietly before the Lord. Worshiping the Sovereign Lord with his people in his house is the best medicine for the heart after a week like this!

(written and sung by Steve and Vikki Cook)

I Bow Down

Around You such beauty
Your majesty could fill
An endless sky
Holy are You Lord
Transcendent exalted
The heavens cannot contain
Your presence
Holy are You Lord
And as I behold Your glory
I’m undone

I bow down at Your feet
I bow down at Your feet
I bow down at Your feet for
You are my God
My God

You saved me the sinner
With crimson red You washed me
White as snow
How I love You Lord
You loved me the mocker
With kindness You won my
Heart forever
How I love You Lord
And as I behold this mercy
I’m undone