Time with Grandsons in Salinas, CA.


Time with grandchildren is a precious gift from the Lord. This is an organic, 50 acre strawberry field that was next to the ranch that we stayed at for 17 days. It is owned by the family that let us live in one of their homes on the property. Nearly every day I took Joseph and Gabriel to the field to enjoy perfectly ripened berries. With a soft breeze moving in from the Pacific Ocean only 6 miles away, and nothing distracting me from this moment, these thoughts came to mind:

1. These boys do not fret or worry about strawberries running out. In a better way, I wish I could sit in peace and contentment knowing that my Father in heaven will always supply.

2. These boys do not understand the massive quantity of berries behind them. They just sit there and eat, squishing juice down their chin, expecting another berry to be given them as soon as one is finished. With greater faith, I wish I could believe and trust that my Father in heaven has thousands of acres of mercies that will come new to me each morning.

3. These boys will grow up – this moment in this way will not last. They don’t understand, not yet, the brevity of life. And as it should be. Children should feel that time moves like molasses, gentle and slow and sweet. I wish I could see, more than I presently do, what it’s going to be like to not have to think about time and its fleeting moments. One day.

P1040330 P1040443

In the morning, in the old renovated farmhouse built in 1889, we fried eggs on the wood stove. It would get down to about 50 degrees at night – cool mornings with the smell of a fire and the warmth of little bodies was priceless. There was no tv, no phone, no internet. Just family, good food, and bunches of giggles.


Joseph is taking his little brother Gabriel out for a spin in the old farm truck. Thank you Lord for this slice of time with my grandsons – a few moments of uninterrupted humility before the One who holds our breath in his hands. All our days are lived in sight of the Risen Savior. May the love of Jesus Christ, who made this moment in time, be forever enjoyed in the hearts of my grandsons.

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