Time with Cheryl on our 30th Wedding Anniversary


We’ve been gone since June 15. We’re back – good and tired, but we had a blessed time with each other on our 30th wedding anniversary. For the last 17 days we have enjoyed time in California. Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing thoughts of encouragement that I’ve stored up in my heart. For now, here are a few pics that express our thanks to Christ for his grace and mercy in our marriage. After 30 years we still enjoy spending time alone with each other.


At a small but elegant garden/eatery in L.A.


Enjoying Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fran.


270 miles down highway 1. Some of the most majestic views on the planet. It is the Lord who said to the ocean, “This far and no further” (Job 38:11).


I could not keep Cheryl away from the San Jose Rose Garden, one of the best in America.


Our final day was spent in Monterey, eating out over the Bay.

“Thank you” to our church family and friends who have been a source of hope and encouragement in our marriage that made this vacation possible.

Talk to you soon,




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