What defines your identity?

What if the new 2017 Fall college student was able to say to the hazing rite offered by the campus Greek Squad:  “No thanks – my identity is in Christ”?

What if the latest job application was denied but still you could say in your heart, “Thank God my identity is not based upon their approval of me”?

What if your children’s rejection of your hope in Christ, though painful, did not unravel you, but you could still say, “I love my children, but my hope is not found in them but in Christ alone”?

What if a disability, a disease, a physical catastrophe, even old age are all whispering, “you’re not worth much these days” was met with “my heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26)?

What if your boyfriend, or employer, or a certain other who can elevate your status wants you to have sex with him/her was found to be a cheap commodity compared to the extravagant wealth that you already have in Christ?

What if your hero is no longer heroic – yet, your eyes are still on Christ?

What if hoarding the things of this earth finally felt empty compared to the abundance of joy that is found in Christ’s love for you?

What if you could move toward whatever fear is telling you to run – simply because no matter what happens you will still have Christ – and he would be enough – no matter WHAT HAPPENS!!??

Today is Monday, Sept. 18, 2017. What if from here on out you will fight against identity-dysfunction by preaching the gospel to your heart? What if you were no longer a slave to fear, but knew your identity as a child of God? Here is a song that our worship team is learning and will lead in congregational worship soon. Enjoy!


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