Salt-cured meat at home – delicious!


First, get a cheap fridge. Then drill the appropriate holes and install the Auber temp and humidity doohicky thing on the side. Also buy an electrical/usb/coaxe cable thing to plug the whole mess into so that the Auber thing controls everything, turning the fridge and humidifier on and off as needed.

You can buy it here:


Then make the inside of your fridge look like this. Buy a fan and humidifier. The Auber instrument on the outside, with the installed sensor unit mounted on the inside, will control the temp and the humidity of your meat humidor! What’s this hanging for several months, you ask? Beef eye-of-round and Venison strap-back. Below is another recipe that does not require cheese cloth . . .


yum yum, almost done . . .


Buy a decent meat slicer. This one is a KWS 320 watt meat slicer with a 10 inch blade. And what do you get?


Paper-thin, salt-cured venison prosciutto, without the msg’s, harmful sugars, preservatives, ect. – all organic ingredients. Bon Appetit!

And two more things, get your smarter-than-you-son to install the doohicky thing and remodel the fridge to hang the meat – thanks Joshua. And get a wife who loves to make these recipes for salt-curing – thanks Cheryl.

Next up: take a trip to Texas and shoot a feral pig or two!

Image result for texan feral pig

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