“I will believe in anything, just not Jesus’ Resurrection”

The world approves of every form of human enlightenment as long as Jesus’ Resurrection is not the reason. Hindu has Karma and Reincarnation. Islam has Janna/Paradise, which is an eternal sexual voyage, except for women of course. Entrance to Janna is earned by good works; bonus points if you kill infidels. Then there is Orthodox Judaism, Mormans, Jehovah Witnesses, Scientology, and all forms of false Christianity, all of which can be lumped together: you get to heaven, earning your way by good works.

While these are treated with a level of tolerance, Jesus’ resurrection is not. While these are viewed as credible, Jesus’ resurrection in incredible. While these are all viable and reasonable ways to Nirvana, Heaven, Paradise, Your-Favorite-Eternal-Hobby, Jesus’ way to heaven is not. And here is why:

Jesus said, “I Am the Way” (all other ways are false)

Jesus said, “I Am the Truth” (all other claims are lies)

Jesus said, “I Am the Life” (all other ways and claims lead to eternal death)  John 14:6

No one ever spoke with such authority and exclusive language than Jesus did. Either you can get to the next phase of enlightenment in the after life by any man-made means possible, or only Jesus (John 6:44; 14:6). This is why Jesus is so threatening. This is why we crucified him. This is why we cannot tolerate Jesus. This is why Jesus must go. But as they say, ‘you can’t keep a good man down,’ even more so with Jesus, it’s impossible to keep him down because it was not man that took his life in the first place. He voluntarily laid it down and he has the authority to raise it up (John 10:18).

Tomorrow in worship, we’ll sing this song also, along with “It is not Death to Die” (previous post). May Christ be enjoyed over all the earth, in every tribe, tongue, people and and nation!


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