Art that Encourages Growth


We recently had some artwork finished and is now displayed to encourage us to persevere in our growth in Christ. Psalm 1:1, then verse 2, then the large painting depicting verse 3. To the left, a center cut from a tree that recently died and fell to the ground on a farm that a member in our church owns.

Some close-ups below with brief commentary.


A nearly 150 yr. old Ash tree that rings both lean and plentiful years – much like growing in Christ! At the center, rotating clockwise and moving outward, it reads: growth – in – Christ – is – a – long – and – hard – process – but it’s worth it!




A lady in our church did this oil on canvas, 4 by 5 ft rendition of Psalm 1:3.

When you suffer, it is for your growth in Christ. May you be encouraged as the Lord continues to supply you with all the grace you need today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

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