A Friday Funny!

I was traveling from IL to WV by myself a few weeks ago, and as the evening driving was becoming long, and after I had eaten all of my raw veggies, fruit, seeds and nuts for the journey, I wanted something hot and filling. Cheryl helps me live a very healthy lifestyle, but . . . she wasn’t with me to help! “Here’s my chance,” I thought to myself. “I can eat something that she would never allow. A Wendy’s cheeseburger and fries.” It was over a year since I had something from a fast food restaurant, and that was because someone gave me a $10 gift card to Micky Dees. With a slight tinge of guilt, I ordered the tasty poison. The young man rang the order up. He looked at me – almost apologetically, and sheepishly said, “Sir, I’m sorry . . . that will be $6.66.” “You’re kidding me!?!?,” I objected as if standing before the Judge of all the Earth. “The one time that I order some nasty delicious food I get busted with a 666 curse.”

He laughed about the order total, knowing the meaning of the math. I told him that I ought to get the food for free. He replied, “That will be $6.66 please.”

Moral: I should have ordered pizza. Have a great day!


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