Our Confession of Treason

This past Sunday in worship we confessed our Sin of Treason in the Garden.

God’s word teaches in Genesis 2:10-17 and 3:1-7 that although our King gave us everything that we need to enjoy our lives with him, we instead believed a set of lies that led to our revolt against him. With his half-truths, the devil stirred up discontent in our hearts with God. He suggested a perceived injustice on behalf of God – “he can’t be trusted to take care of you – he’s holding out on you – you don’t need him – you can make your own rules and live free – you can be your own king of the world – you can know all that he knows.”

Here is our Mutual Confession of Treason:

We rejected a Good King for a Tyrant

We traded a Tree of Life for a Tomb of Death

We forfeited Safety for Danger

We gave our Allegiance to a Murderer

We trusted in our own idea of Justice

We believed that we could Provide for Ourselves

We denied that God’s Commandments are for our Good

We exchanged Objective Truth for a Lie

We denied Reality and Fabricated a False World

We left A River of Life for a cesspool of Sorrows

We said “no” to true Love, Joy, and Peace

This is why Christ came – to restore a Kingdom where Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of Lords. Your heart is tempted still to revolt against your King, which is why Jesus says, “seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you” (Matt. 6:33). And which is why Jesus suffered the consequences of treason on the cross. Do you believe that he suffered in your place?

In Worship, we confess our sins and receive forgiveness so that we may know afresh all that we have in King Jesus. His Rule and Reign over your life is the best protection that you could ever have. Seek him and you will find that he is a very good King.


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