Just a Closer Walk with Thee, with Jazz

Here’s Tye Male, my long-time friend from college days – this brings back great memories. We met in 1987 and became very close friends. We’d go to the sound-proof music practice rooms and jazz up every hymn in the book. I’d play my southern-gospel style on the piano and Tye would be all over the place hanging out in some jazz-cafe in the upper scales.

We were fork-lift operators at Red Food Warehouse, took bible classes together, road our racing bicycles together, baby-sit for each other (his son and my son got their first set of stitches together at the bottom of the slide), and basically encouraged each other along the road of faith in Christ. By God’s grace we’re both still playing music, preaching the gospel as pastors to our flocks, and married to the brides of our youth.


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