Have you entered the storehouses of the snow?


This is one of the questions that is posed by God to Job (38:22-23). Like the other questions, it is not given to send us to the lab and discover scientific data about snow. It is given to build trust in our hearts for God. Job did not understand the ways of God and thought that God was mishandling his life. When you suffer, you question – it’s natural to wonder what God is up to when you are hurting. You want to trust but it’s difficult when pain and loneliness is all you know.

Here is the full question:

“Have you entered the storehouses of the snow . . . which I have reserved for the time of trouble, for the day of battle and war?”

God asks, “Job, are you capable of discerning all the ways that snow makes life hard . . . all the ways that snow has a threat upon the life of a man? Can you tell me how deep snow gets at the poles of the earth? Can you tell me how snow can break down a forest? Can you describe the solitude and suspension that snow can force upon an army, a city? How much snow can you gather up in your hand to cause an avalanche? Are you able to do as you please in a snowstorm? Do you not feel vulnerable and humbled by such majesty?”

God continues his strange comfort to suffering Job and to you (40:2ff),

“Dear Job, if you cannot fathom the mystery of snow then how can you possibly sit in judgment against me – The SnowMaker? I am just and good in all my ways. You are not suffering for no reason. You are not suffering because of your sin. You are not suffering because I am bored, or angry, or capricious. You are suffering because I am preparing something that only stress and hardship can produce – and you will see that it will be worth it. I have your future joy in mind as I am sending my very one and only to suffer in your place, so that your peace is forever secured. Job, trust me. Believe that the purpose of your suffering is complex, too wonderful for you (42:3), yet, strangely revealing my love for you. Believe that if I can send an avalanche of suffering upon my innocent Son to raise up unspeakable joy, then I know what I am doing with your life. Consider the snow . . . and trust me to use suffering in your life to produce eternal, astonishing fascination in your heart for my Son.”

Let’s Pray:

Heavenly Father, give peace and comfort to our hearts as we look to Jesus Christ who suffered on Calvary’s hill, who bled and died and was raised that we may come to know the God whose power and beauty is seen in snow. Instill a deep sense of awe and wonder as we quietly, silently, sit and wait for our final release from sin and death. As gently as you cover the earth with snow, spread your arms today over the hurting and the lonely, and make known the riches of Christ in many hearts. O gracious Father, make hearts as white as snow as you bestow the gift of repentance – cleansing them from sins. And keep us in perfect rest as we receive our daily supply of grace and mercies from your righteous and steady hand.

In Jesus’ name we gratefully pray, Amen.

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