“A rudder is useful only if you’re moving”


That’s what world-class professor Peter Gentry said to me as we ate lunch together in the Southern Baptist Seminary cafeteria, Louisville, KY. To paraphrase his further words of encouragement, “You will not know God’s will unless you get going – and when you get going he’ll guide you. But you must get going first. Normally, you can’t expect the Lord to lead you while you’re just sitting there.”

With the blessing of my church family that I shepherd, we’re visiting the campus to look into the D.Ed degree and what the Lord will do in furthering the gospel as I pastor Grace Community Church, in Yorkville, IL. We felt right at home as we listened and toured this historic school that “is serious about the gospel,” a theme mentioned often at SBTS. We’re very thankful for this opportunity and now will pray and talk, and pray and talk some more about the future. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, has staffed an off-the-chart faculty to equip students in spreading the gospel around the world in every arena of life.


Keep us in your prayers. “Lord, we’re on the move. Guide our hearts.”

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