Back to Work! But not back to Worship.

The reason why I’m not back to worship is because I never stopped over the Labor Day, Holiday Weekend. And neither did you. The heart never, never, never takes a day off from worshiping something. The heart never stops calculating the pluses and minuses of what it thinks and feels is an asset or a liability to happiness. Each day that you wake up, you treasure, value, and prize something that you believe is worth living for, worth dying for, worth believing in, worth putting your hope in, worth pursuing. Why? Because the heart was designed that way. Your heart is right now spontaneously worshiping, calculating and assessing worth and value as effortlessly as it is pumping blood. We can’t help believing that something or someone is valuable to my well-being and consequently, something or someone is a waste of my time and effort, at least for now. The heart always puts everyone and everything in a pecking order.

Whatever your heart believes is satisfying, gratifying, mesmerizing – your heart also has eliminated, or at least, bumped-down a rival suitor for the affection and allegiance of your heart. Something or Someone has to always take the back seat so that what your heart really craves gets the attention. Our heart will always de-value something because it is always treasuring something. Someone or Something is always sitting on the throne of our hearts and someone or something is always in the barn cleaning out the dung.

Questions: What did your heart crave the most over the weekend? Did it have to do with the all-satisfying treasure of knowing Christ? Did your participation in one of God’s good gifts cause your heart to give thanks for what you have in Christ? Who or What Did You Worship? However you spent your extended weekend, I hope that Christ was the center of it. If he wasn’t, please consider this: Whatever you enjoyed more than Jesus, he probably made it. Do you think that there is more pleasure in enjoying a peach than enjoying the one who made it?

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together!

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