Thank you Lord for Smoked Pulled Pork


That’s a 30 lb ham from a 300 lb hog that I butchered for the wedding coming up. We’ll be serving pulled pork with the home-made rub that we borrowed from Rob Schneller – he calls it, “Slap Yo Mama.” It’s lip-smak’n, finger lick’n good!

But can I really thank my Lord for this tasty oinker?

Jesus taught Peter to eat what was previously off-limits because Peter needed to widen his eyes in how he viewed non-Jews (Acts 10). Since God does not show partiality between foods or people, likewise, do not quarantine yourself from sharing the gospel with other people groups unlike yourself. Peter learned the lesson.

Paul says that no food is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because, everything that God created is good. Even Wilbur! (1 Timothy 4:3-5). So let the party begin with thanksgiving to God for loving an unclean man like me and making me acceptable through Christ.

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