I’m Hungry. Is there anything truly Satisfying today?

One of the reasons why Jesus is the Bread from heaven (Exodus 16, John 6) is because he’s more satisfying than the bread in the wilderness. In the exodus from Egypt, the children of Israel had to trust God that he would provide enough food on the 6th day so that on the Sabbath, the people could rest and not work for their food – God would provide! In addition, the 6th day gathering and preparation of food was the only day that would keep over to the 7th – the food would not spoil overnight. The point?

If you turn to Christ and feast on him today, he will be there for you tomorrow.

If you turn to Christ and feast on him today – and he tastes good to you, he won’t spoil on you tomorrow. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Feast on Christ – the only truly satisfying bread for a famished heart.

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