What do you believe when you say, “Whew, that was close”?

We all have experiences where knowledge of something terrible almost happened but didn’t. When that happens, what do you say to yourself? More importantly, what do you believe about the world that you live in? Do you believe in random and chance, where what happens just does, and there is no one and nothing to believe in or turn to? If so, then why do you care and hope for a good outcome of events? Why do you feel a little thankful and grateful that the worst was avoided? Why do you believe in unbelief and yet want to believe that your life has meaning and value?

This past Father’s day I had to take my 27 yr. old son to a local urgent care on a Sunday afternoon because he was having headaches so severe that he was vomiting. By Monday morning under the guidance of our family doctor, he was sent to the hospital to get a CAT scan on his brain to rule out West Nile Virus (WNV), a serious threat for those who live in the Chicago area. By Monday afternoon, and all evidence surveyed, the diagnosis: Tension Migraine due to sinus infection and stress. No WNV and its threat of spinal meningitis. Whew, that was a close call.

When you give a sigh of relief for a better outcome than what could have been, believe that:

1. My heart is telling me that I can’t do random and chance – not really. Everything that is truly lovely in this life is because of meticulous calculation and design: a grand piano, a wedding cake, a bumble bee, a watch, a rose garden, a high-rise building – these things are telling me that something, someone, is creating, and has factored in the pain, sweat, and toil of beauty.

2. This world is broken and only by God’s grace is life doable. Believe that there is benevolent mercy from a Sovereign and Holy God at work in all of life that keeps most of what could go wrong, away from our doorsteps.

3. Whatever pain and suffering and loss and disappointment comes my way is not meant to harm me, but to uncurl my delusional grip on life: I am not a god and I cannot harness this world to obey me. Who do I think I am anyway?

4. Just as sure as the Sun will “come up” tomorrow, there is a predictable God who sent his Son at an appointed time to suffer an appointed cross so that at your appointed death your eyes will open to a definite and certain future of unbelievable joy and peace.

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