A Vote For Abortion Is A Vote For Moral Anarchy

When a people group believes that personal happiness is a right, that is a people group that is headed for moral collapse. For example, if I believe that I have a right to the stuff in your garage because I don’t have it mine, then I will take it, if I can get away with it. If I can’t get away with it, I won’t. Not because I don’t believe I have a right to it, but because others don’t – and they will punish me for it. But if more and more people begin to think like I do, then there will be less and less negative consequences for SELFISHNESS. Wa la! – you now have on your hands moral anarchy where nearly no amount of legislation just short of Marshall law will keep things in order.

Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984, pic above) reminded us of this truth in his books, “How Should We Then Live” and also, “The Abolition of Truth and Morality.” He cited world history as evidence for what would come to America if we, as a people group, began to believe the same. When Man places himself, and his own personal happiness (as defined by himself) at the center of all things, then no one will be able to love their neighbor out of consideration for the others’ wellbeing; my personal welfare will always trump yours.

But why do I tether abortion to moral anarchy? If you read in Schaeffer’s books he does the same: If you can justify murder on the most vulnerable of your citizens then you will justify, in time, anything. Your rights and your personal happiness will be a Law to yourself. You see, the death of a baby under the protection of legalized abortion is not the only thing that dies, but also the moral compass that once said, “NO” to abortion and “Yes” to – “I will not hurt my neighbor just to make my life easier.”

The philosophy of abortion is more dangerous for a society than abortion itself. When “My Rights” usurps the rights of another at their expense, when my rights to my personal happiness become supreme, when whatever makes me happy at this moment must be honored regardless of harm to another, then we are well on our way to calling good evil and evil good.

I remind you again: There is no amount of legislation that can hold back the propensity to moral anarchy when this happens; a people group will lose more and more of its personal freedoms because no one can be trusted to be civil anymore.

Dear voter, consider your vote for abortion to be a vote for giving your neighbor the right to plunder your garage – if he wants your stuff for his personal happiness. But I plead with you to reconsider: don’t vote according to your conscience – vote according to what sustains a moral conscience for society, then, not only will babies be safe, but so will you. Why? Because when you are in the way of someone’s personal happiness, and you will be at some point, that person might still have the decency to say “No” to self, and say, “Yes” to you.

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